About Us

Welcome to She & Her Boutique!

Our names are Michelle (She) & Morgan (Her). 

We are sisters, mommas, wives and former elementary teachers. We left the world of education to pursue our passion in fashion, and to able to spend more time with our family. We are both born and raised West Texans. Michelle is still located in Lubbock with her husband and daughter. However, now Morgan lives just outside of Austin with her husband and son. Growing up, we had very different styles, which is still true today. 

She & Her carries different styles because no two moms are alike. Moms deserve to feel confident, captivating, and comfortable whether you are chasing toddlers, dealing with teenagers, or getting ready for a night out on the town.   

When you shop with She & Her, you are shopping small and supporting women and their dream.  We hope that in return we are supporting you by making you feel confident, captivating, and comfortable.